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Why do people buy and sell homes?

So why do people buy and sell houses?

Bottom line it’s usually because of life circumstances.  My husband bought his first condo because I think he was ready to be an adult and was ready to ask me to marry him.  He probably thought owning a condo was a good step toward both of those ambitious goals.  Why did we buy our next home?  I was expecting our first child and the 17th floor of a Buckhead condo didn’t feel like the best place to start a family.   Our second home? Our 4 ½ year old son would soon be starting Kindergarten forcing us to consider important education decisions. We decided to move to a great public school district instead of paying private school tuition. Our next home?  We tore down our 1920’s bungalow to stay in a great neighborhood and increase our property value more than we could have with a renovation.  After that, with my husband and I both having careers in real estate, we got a little carried away and moved more times than I originally planned over the years.

Sure everyone is interested in interest rates and how the market is doing, but it’s the people that live in the homes and the circumstances at the time that prompt the move.  Having been blogging for a couple of years now, I’ve realized the posts I enjoy most are the ones that are from personal experience while still relating to great schools in the Atlanta area and all the things affecting families and children with their changing needs and interests.  For that reason, all my posts will now be original instead of stats or information that can be found on Google.

I have a wealth of information on all things relating to home buying and selling in and around the Atlanta area and would love to be considered your “go-to” for answers and advice.

Happy New Year and to a year full of many happy life circumstances.

Specialty Lifestyle Markets Showcased on

The Sotheby’s International Realty site is unique in its focus on lifestyle. The site has recently added five specialty market pages to offer unique and specialized marketing to properties with these specific lifestyle packages: Farm & Ranch, Golf, Waterfront, Ski and Vineyard.

Sotheby's International Realty Specialty Market Pages
Browsing each unique lifestyle page, you will find properties in every price range and across the world.  Another benefit of the ever expanding global brand with more than 11,000 sales associates, over 500 offices, and approximately 40 countries/territories!

What’s More Important? Making Resolutions or Keeping Them?

I’ve combed dozens of sites for something compelling about New Year’s Resolutions and I’ve come to the conclusion that most resolutions are the same: lose weight, get out  of debt, spend more time with family, work harder or smarter, etc.  I’ve also concluded, what good is a resolution without a plan to make it happen?  My husband is one of the most efficient people I know and he loves a “to do” list probably about as much as he does me and the children (hopefully somewhat less).  So, in my focus to add small steps to my New Year’s goals, I’m committing more to “writing it down”. Most of the advice I’ve read about achieving your goals is to make them very clear, with very clear action steps, in a very clear written format.  I’ve invested in some journals that fit perfectly in my purse but are large enough to write very clearly my goals for the hour, day, week, month, year, etc.  I’m sure there are plenty of apps for this purpose but I’m excited about my journals, where I can see everything in my own hand writing and feel it, and add to and check off.

More good advice here from Matthew Ferrara on New Year’s Resolutions


Buckhead’s 30327 Ranks 20th of America’s 50 Richest Zip Codes

The only zip code in Georgia to make Bloomberg/Business Week’s list of America’s 50 Richest Zip Codes is the Buckhead neighborhood of 30327.  As a resident of this area for almost 25 years, I’d be happy to offer insight on all it has to offer or forward you a list of current homes for sale.

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