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Atlanta Thanksgiving Tradition

One of my favorite Atlanta Thanksgiving traditions is the Atlanta Half Marathon that takes place on Thanksgiving Day.  I love starting off the day with about a 1000 calorie deficit and a festive morning with good friends.  I’m thankful for my friend Beth who introduced me to running about 8 years ago after her sisters, Julie and Lee Anne got her addicted. After many running trips together and training runs they’ve become more like sisters to me.  We’ve solved many of the world’s problems, and a few of our own out on the road.  If we’d only taken notes along the way, we could probably publish a best selling novel by now or a few self help books. We’ve run through some of Atlanta’s most beautiful neighborhoods and experienced the glory of the changing seasons and many mornings the rising sun. We’ve been chased by dogs, honked at by angry carpoolers, heard the thumping music from a bar rocking into the wee hours of the morning, skinned some knees, hitched a ride from a van of Jehovah’s Witnesses, ran fast some days, but slow most others, got that elusive “runner’s high”, but mostly just enjoyed feeling free for the moment.  Whatever traditions you hold dear, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Atlanta Half Marathon

Pilgrims and Turkeys will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the Atlanta Half Marathon