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Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2013 Education Guide Hits Newstands Today

Each year I look forward to the latest Education Guide from the Atlanta Business Chronicle to see how each school’s test scores changed from the previous year.  The scores on my blog will be updated to reflect the latest scores for all the school districts featured here, but here’s a preview of Fulton County’s High Schools ranked by SAT scores.  To receive the new edition of the Education Guide, email me at dede@atlantafinehomes.com and provide a mailing address and I’ll be glad to get one in the mail to you.

Jan 23, 2013, 11:39am EST

Fulton County public high schools ranked by SAT score

Senior Online Editor- Atlanta Business Chronicle

Who tests the best in the metro?

Atlanta Business Chronicle’s annual Education Guide hits newsstands on Friday, Jan. 25, and it will certainly shed a lot of light on metro schools. But we also have some data that you will only get online. We will publish high school SAT scores by region so you can see the best and worst performers.

Today, we take a look at Fulton County public high schools:

  1. Northview High School — 1,769
  2. Johns Creek High School — 1,729
  3. Milton High School — 1,681
  4. Roswell High School – 1,677
  5. Chattahoochee High School — 1,674
  6. Alpharetta High School — 1,660
  7. Riverwood International Charter School — 1,631
  8. Centennial High School — 1,582
  9. North Springs High School — 1,459
  10. Independence High School –1,377
  11. Westlake High School — 1,316
  12. Tri-Cities High School — 1,299
  13. Creekside High School — 1,250
  14. Langston Hughes High School — 1,231
  15. Frank McClarin High School — 1,198
  16. Banneker High School — 1,160

For high schools, we show the mean scores for the SAT of the 2012 senior class. This score is calculated by using the student’s most recent test administration. The highest possible score is 2,400.

Source: Governor’s Office of Student Achievement

Click here for Atlanta’s public high schools ranked by SAT score.


Atlanta High Schools Ranked by U.S. News and World Report

U.S. News and World Report reviewed 21,776 U.S. public high schools; 77 Georgia schools made their rankings.

Of the Georgia schools ranked in 2012 for the U.S. News Best High Schools, 8 were awarded gold medals, 30 earned silver medals, and 39 received bronze medals.

To be eligible for a state ranking, a school must be awarded a national gold or silver medal.

Top Ranked GA Schools

615 12TH ST, AUGUSTA, GA 30901
10625 PARSONS RD, DULUTH, GA 30097
3737 BROCK RD, DULUTH, GA 30096

See complete Georgia High School Rankings



North Fulton High Schools Honored for AP Achievement

More than half of Fulton’s high schools honored for Advanced Placement achievement as reported on the Fulton County Schools website. 

Today is AP Day in Georgia, a fitting day to recognize the more than half of Fulton County high schools that received designations as “AP Honor Schools” by the College Board, the organization in charge of Advanced Placement and the SAT. Eleven Fulton high schools were named to its annual list of high-performing high schools.

The 2012 awards are based on the Class of 2011’s testing results and are grouped into five categories: AP Merit Schools, AP STEM Schools, AP STEM Achievement Schools, AP Challenge Schools, and AP Access and Support Schools. The STEM categories recognize high schools with achievement in AP Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics courses.

“These awards are validation that our high schools are encouraging students to challenge themselves and meet college-level expectations,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa. “Advanced Placement courses provide an extra rigor to high-achieving students and help prepare them for a college environment. I couldn’t be more pleased to see so many schools named on these lists.”

AP Merit Schools Nine Fulton schools received recognition as AP Merit Schools, the most of any school system in Georgia. The AP Merit distinction recognizes those with at least 20 percent of students taking AP exams and with at least half of those exams receiving a score of 3 or higher. Each of the schools have received this distinction for five consecutive years except Johns Creek High School, which is a newcomer to the list.

·   Alpharetta High School    ·   Centennial High School    ·   Chattahoochee High School    ·   Johns Creek High School    ·   Milton High School    ·   North Springs Charter High School    ·   Northview High School    ·   Riverwood International Charter School    ·   Roswell High School

AP STEM Schools All nine schools named as AP Merit Schools also were named AP STEM Schools, a category that recognizes schools with students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses. New to the AP Honor Schools list, Fulton Science Academy High School, was recognized for high math and science achievement, and Westlake High School was highlighted for a second consecutive year.

·   Alpharetta High School    ·   Centennial High School    ·   Chattahoochee High School    ·   Fulton Science Academy High School    ·   Johns Creek High School    ·   Milton High School    ·   North Springs Charter High School    ·   Northview High School    ·   Riverwood International Charter School    ·   Roswell High School    ·   Westlake High School

AP STEM Achievement Schools AP STEM Achievement Schools go beyond the AP STEM Schools category to recognize schools that have at least 40% of math and science test-takers earning scores of 3 or higher. In Fulton, 10 received the distinction.

·   Alpharetta High School    ·   Centennial High School    ·   Chattahoochee High School    ·   Fulton Science Academy High School    ·   Johns Creek High School    ·   Milton High School    ·   North Springs Charter High School    ·   Northview High School    ·   Riverwood International Charter School    ·   Roswell High School

AP Challenge Schools Fulton Science Academy High School, which was formerly known as TEACH, was the only school in Fulton County to be named an AP Challenge School, a distinction that recognizes schools with fewer than 900 students offering AP classes in core content areas.

AP Access and Support Schools Similarly, North Springs Charter High School was named an AP Access and Support School. The award recognizes North Springs’ effort to make Advanced Placement courses available to students of all backgrounds, and that at least 30% of its African-American or Hispanic AP test-takers scored a 3 or higher on national exams.

Advanced Placement classes offer rigorous college-level learning options to students in high school. The College Board administers AP exams each spring, with scores ranging from 1 to 5. Students who receive a 3, 4 or 5 on AP exams are eligible to receive college credit or may be exempt from some introductory college courses.

After state funding was cut for 2011, Fulton now funds all AP examination costs not provided through state or federal funds. Funding this initiative ensures that all students have the opportunity to test their college-level knowledge and possibly earn college course credit.

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North Fulton Schools Recognized for High Performance

For a sixth year, more than a third of all Fulton County schools have been recognized for high performance or improvement, according to a recent announcement made by the Georgia Department of Education and the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement.

The Single Statewide Accountability System (SSAS) recognition program awarded 38 Fulton County schools – an increase from the previous year’s 34 schools – in two categories, Greatest Gains and Highest Performance. The annual list, which this year included 370 schools across Georgia, highlights those that are making great strides in educating students.

“It’s outstanding that the number of Fulton schools receiving state recognition continues to grow,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa. “From 31 in 2009, to 34 in 2010, to 38 in 2011 – these increases show that our schools are meeting their goals when it comes to teaching and preparing students for the future. I couldn’t be more proud of our students and teachers.”

Schools in the Greatest Gains category showed the greatest improvement in scores on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) or the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT). Those in the Highest Performance category demonstrated the highest achievement on the CRCT or GHSGT. Awards are granted in four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. (See chart for a description of awards criteria)

The SSAS award structure combines criteria for making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), a cornerstone of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (often know as No Child Left Behind), with performance data on state curriculum exams.

The awards announcement coincides with the release of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement’s 2010-11 Report Card (www.gaosa.org/report.aspx). The report card, which includes Fulton County Schools data, provides an online resource of student achievement, personnel and fiscal data for each school and school system in the state, as well as preschool, higher education and teacher certification information.

Greatest Gains Category:

Elkins Pointe Middle School

Gullatt Elementary School
Seaborn Lee Elementary School
Hapeville Charter Middle School

Highest Performance Category:

Crabapple Crossing Elementary School
Mountain Park Elementary School
Shakerag Elementary School
State Bridge Crossing Elementary School
Summit Hill Elementary School
Wilson Creek Elementary School
Fulton Science Academy
Northview High School

Birmingham Falls Elementary School
Dolvin Elementary School
Findley Oaks Elementary School
Autrey Mill Middle School
Northwestern Middle School
River Trail Middle School
Johns Creek High School
Milton High School

Barnwell Elementary School
Creek View Elementary School
Heards Ferry Elementary School
Lake Windward Elementary School
Medlock Bridge Elementary School
New Prospect Elementary School
Sweet Apple Elementary School
Webb Bridge Middle School
Chattahoochee High School

Abbotts Hill Elementary School
Cogburn Woods Elementary School
Fulton Sunshine Academy
Ocee Elementary School
Crabapple Middle School
Hopewell Middle School
Taylor Road Middle School
Alpharetta High School
Fulton Science Academy High School


Northview High School Ranks at Top in Atlanta Magazine’s 50 Best High Schools

Atlanta Magazine’s January Edition featuring 50 Best Public High Schools rates Georgia High Schools on several indicators to measure college-readiness.  The indicators are from the latest report card compiled by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, which is for the 2009-2010 school year and include, Average SAT, GHSGT/Math, GHSGT/Language Arts, Graduation rate, Advanced Placement exams, AP passing rate, Learning support, HOPE eligibility, and College preparatory diploma.

Northview High School in Johns Creek ranked in the top 3 for 4 of the indicators.

They ranked #1 for Average SAT reflected from the scores for seniors in the most recent test.  See below for top 10 schools.

School                                  Average SAT     

Northview                              1728

Alpharetta                              1719

Walton                                    1711

Chattahoochee                        1687

Etowah                                   1679

Wheeler                                  1655

Pope                                       1653

Brookwood                             1651

Milton                                     1650

Riverwood                              1640

#3 for GHSGT/LA (Georgia High School Graduation Test, Language Arts) for percent of first time takers passing. See below for top 10 schools.

Dekalb School of the Arts        100

Lassiter                                      99

Northview                                  99

Starrs Mill                                  99

Alpharetta                                  98

Chattahoochee                           98

Johns Creek                               98

Pope                                           98

Sequoyah                                   98

The School of the Arts at Carver      98

#2 for AP Passing Rate for percent of AP exams with a score of 3 or higher.  See below for top 10 schools.

Roswell                                      88.9

Northview                                  87.7

Johns Creek                               86.3

Chattahoochee                           84.7

Etowah                                       84.5

Alpharetta                                  83.1

Centennial                                  81.3

Starrs Mill                                  80.4

Wheeler                                      80.3

Brookwood                                79.6

#1 for HOPE Eligibility for percent of graduates who are HOPE-eligible. See below for top 10 schools.

Northview                                   72

DeKalb School of the Arts        71.9

Starrs Mill                                  69.5

Whitewater                                68.1

Walton                                       63.9

Chattahoochee                           62.2

Pope                                           62.1

Harrison                                     59.2

Lassiter                                      55.9

Alpharetta                                  55.8

northview high school





Atlanta Magazine Rates Georgia’s Top High Schools

January 2012: Top 50 High Schools
Which metro Atlanta public high schools best prepare students for college?
Michele Cohen Marill

When high school ends with a flip of the mortarboard tassel, only one question matters: Are the graduates ready for their next step?

The answer varies greatly. About 70 percent of Georgia high school students go on to college. Last year ten students earned perfect scores on the SAT. More than a third took at least one college-level course during high school.

“More and more kids are taking the most rigorous course work we can offer them in high school, and more of them are showing they can do college work and receive college credit,” says Becky Chambers, program manager for college readiness at the Georgia Department of Education.

But too many students find that their high school didn’t prepare them to succeed in college. About one in four need learning support when they enter Georgia colleges, and a similar number drop out of college after their first year.

We decided to take a close look at how metro Atlanta high schools rate on measures of college-readiness. We used nine indicators from the latest report card compiled by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, which is for the 2009–2010 school year. Schools were ranked for each indicator, and then rankings were averaged to produce an overall ranking. The top fifty are featured here.*

Ratings often reflect differences in school populations. DeKalb School of the Arts had just 291 students; Brookwood High School in Gwinnett had 3,420. At Crim High School in Atlanta, 97 percent of the students qualified for free or reduced lunch due to low family income; at Northview High School in Fulton, just 5 percent did. Schools with International Baccalaureate programs may not have performed as well on AP indicators, as they had relatively fewer top students participating.

But overall, the rankings show how our high schools are doing at their core mission: graduating students who can meet the challenges of higher education.

We are grateful to Terry Sloope, assistant director for research with the A.L. Burruss Institute at Kennesaw State University, for technical assistance. The mission of the Burruss Institute is to enhance the ability of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations to make informed decisions for the public good by providing relevant data, technical resources, and skill development.

Average SAT
GHSGT/Language Arts
Graduation rate
Advanced Placement exams
AP passing rate
Learning support
HOPE eligibility
College preparatory diploma

Source: GOSA Report Card, 2009–2010 (the most recent available).